ML Contract

The Manuel Larraga team participates in international Contract projects through different architects, designers and companies dedicated to this distribution channel.


Manuel Larraga has managed to create a perfect combination between the strength of his designs and the delicacy of the small details, making his style unique and unmistakable.


From its head office in Zaragoza, the company produces a wide variety of upholstered furniture: sofas, armchairs, chairs, poufs and headboards are part of its collection.

Manuel Larraga

The story of Manuel Larraga, is the story of a family-run company specialising in the design and manufacture of upholstered furniture. Founded in 1987 by Manuel Larraga and Rosaura Morata, the second generation of the family is now involved, providing a new vision to the project, which has continued to evolve. The company has become one of the best regarded in the sector, with the ‘Made in Spain’ label as their hallmark.


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